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2012 Year
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2011 Year

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2010 Year

Machine for assembly of securing washers with machine vision
Machine for production of fishing swimmers
Machine for sticking of balance weights on self-adhesive band

2009 Year

Vibratory orientation device for shampoo bottles
Double track vibratory orientation device for tampons + controller
A machine for insertion of rubber profile in an aluminium one + pressing
Two-coordinate programmable servo-driven machine for filling up electronic elements with resin
Manufacture of micro vibratory buses 6 pcs. For separation of sowing seeds for home and small productions purposes
Strain machine for fruit and vegetable juice for home and small productions purposes
A technological line for assembly of door handles
Appliance for assembly of flower stands
Automatic machine for assembly of contact elements in coils
Semi-automatic machine for assembly of wooden rails toys

2008 Year

Fabrication of a prototype of two-column elevator for small equipment
Production of a bending machine for decorative elements for fences and doors
Orienting and feeding device for part "Column" 2 pcs.
Design and manufacture of machinery for production of wire frames and circles
Color marking machine for springs
Orienting and screw feeding devices
Dozing machine for braking fluid in bottles 1l and 4l with system for caps screw, 2 pcs.
Twin track vibratory device F600 for candy and pills and controller
Disentangling and submission of micro springs with hand-operated separator
Packing machine for fasteners and squares for door lockers.
Machine for cutting and banding of composite panels
Passive and roller conveyors by specification

2007 Year

Pliers for pressure of alimunium pipe
10 sections pressing unit for sticking of the back side of evaporators
Automation of saw-mill for wood
Rolgang by drawing
Biting machine for circuit cards
Cutting machine for thin profiles for door frames
Pneumatic pressing units 5 pcs.
Elevators for small parts 2 pcs.
Vibratory orientation device for caps
Vibratory device f400 and controller
Vibratory device f400, bus and controller
Construction of rotary station - Liebherr
Construction of expanding core -> СТ 20,24 и 28
Consruction of a cart and base for Expanding Core СТ 20,24 и 28

2006 Year

Coating device /Dyer robot for doors /
Construction of expanding core GP1366 and a cart
Modification of technological line Wickelanlage
Mastication machine for metal wires
Horizotal stepping transport system
Dozing devices for soldering units
Vibratory bus for transport of aluminium caps
Vibratory bowls for different orientation purposes
Vibratory bowl f100 2 pcs. -> left and right for orientation of Festo's sensors.
Assembly utilities 6 pcs.
Metal wire handling machine

2005 Year

2004 Year

2003 Year

Elaboration of technological outfits for LIEBHERR Maritsa.
Throughout the whole period the company has been developing and manufacturing machines and devices for in-plant usage like for example cam presses, packing and dosing devices, wood-working machines (lathes, milling machines, leveling machines, round wooden poles production machines), pipe segments cutting machines, sheet bending machines and so on....

2001 Year

In the year 2001 the company signed its first contract with LIEBHERR Bulgaria and LIEBHERR LIENZ Austria.

2000 Year

In the year 2000 along with the production of curtain-rods the company continued with the manufacturing of machines and devices.

1999 Year

the company developed full technological equipment for mass production of decorative curtain-rods, which included an industrial vacuum system for metalizing of plastics, syringe forms, packaging machines, wire-processing automatic devices, and so on.
After mastering the production the company developed its own sales network.

1997 Year

KMS Engineering Ltd. attracted attention through designing and developing assembling automated devices for the company KLEIST KUNSTSTOFFE Germany. The same year is the first time when the company has been presented at the International Technical Fair, Plovdiv. Some contacts were established that led to the execution of orders for several companies.

History of KAM

1982 Year

In 1982 a golden medal was won at the Plovdiv.

The main activities of the company include the following:

  • Technological process automation

  • Technological and assembly lines

  • Development of automation resources

  • Industrial robots

  • Feeding devices

  • Transport systems

  • Rolling tables and many more.

КАМ works in close relation with SORMEL company, France.
This company is well known as a contractor from the MATRA group (military industry).
KAM bought many industrial licenses from SORMEL.
KAM received prestigious American prizes in recognition of being the quickest developing company.

KAM was closed down in 1993 after losing its natural market and after the decreasing demand of.

1973 Year

Since 1973 engineer Zaprian Mitev has been actively participating in the developing activities in the field of non-standard equipment – part of the facility for scientific and technical development.

Later, in the Balkan Factory, as the head of the Special Technical Equipment (STE) workshop, he contributed for the automation and mechanizing of the Electric Appliance Plants, town of Plovdiv.

Testing stands, mechanisms and automated devices for the manufacture, as well as assembly lines have been installed.

Engineer Mitev developed a wide range of discrete pneumatic manipulators in relation to the needs of the manufacture.

A close working relation was established with the Automation of Discrete Manufacture Department of the Sofia Higher Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Sofia headed by Professor Ganovski and it led to a long-lasting and beneficial partnership.